Revolutionizing Warehouse Operations: Cypher Robotics Unveils Captis Solution

Cypher Robotics introduced a groundbreaking standard in efficient cycle counting scanning for industries, at MODEX expo 2024, a premier global supply chain expo in Atlanta,This unveiling marked a significant leap forward in automation and robotics, showcasing partnerships with industry giants GreyOrange and Ericsson, along with a leading Canadian retailer.

Developed under the umbrella of Canada's InDro Robotics, Cypher's Captis solution, hailed as 'The Future of Warehouse Robotics,' integrates both aerial and ground robotics seamlessly. Captis, an autonomous ground vehicle, navigates warehouses independently without requiring infrastructure alterations. During cycle counting tasks, it employs drone technology tethered to the ground robot for real-time scanning, ensuring unparalleled accuracy.

Based in Ottawa, Cypher Robotics boasts a specialized engineering team and cutting-edge fabrication facilities. Months of rigorous testing, conducted in collaboration with a major Canadian retailer, have demonstrated Captis' capability to autonomously achieve 99.9% accuracy in data capture over five-hour missions. The seamlessly integrated data feeds directly into existing Warehouse Management System (WMS), Warehouse Control System (WCS), and Warehouse Execution System (WES) software, eliminating manual counting costs and enhancing inventory precision.

Captis not only streamlines cycle counting but also facilitates highly detailed infrastructure scans simultaneously. Despite its technological complexity, Captis is remarkably user-friendly, requiring minimal human intervention.

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Early investor Philip Reece, renowned for his ventures in robotics, drones, and R&D, underscores Captis' transformative impact on warehouse operations, freeing up employees from monotonous tasks and reducing reliance on specialized equipment like modified forklifts.

Cypher Robotics has strategically partnered with GreyOrange and Ericsson, leveraging GreyMatter, GreyOrange's fulfillment orchestration platform, to power Captis. This partnership expands Cypher's reach through GreyOrange's Certified RangerTM Network (CRN), offering an accessible automation solution for companies new to robotics.

Manish Tiwari of Ericsson emphasizes Captis' efficiency and safety, facilitated by Ericsson Private 5G connectivity, ensuring consistent communication and data integrity throughout warehouse traversal.

Cypher Robotics, incubated by InDro Robotics, is committed to addressing supply chain challenges through innovative robotics solutions. Their Captis platform, integrating ground and aerial robotics capabilities, represents a pioneering advancement in precision scanning and inventory management.

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With Captis, Cypher Robotics is poised to revolutionize warehouse operations, heralding a new era of efficiency and accuracy in the industry.


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