LogiMAT 2024 - Best of Warehouse and Logistics Automation

Warehouse and Logistics Automation at LogiMAT 2024

Material handling equipment manufacturers and systems integrators are converging at LogiMAT 2024 from March 19th to 21st at Messe Stuttgart to showcase the prevailing trend in the industry: providing end-to-end solutions encompassing robotics, mobile conveyor technology, and software. This year's exhibition features hardware systems reflecting this trend, including innovative pallet shuttles and overhead conveyor technology tailored for small parts storage and picking.


Driving Innovation Amidst Challenges: In the face of economic challenges, manufacturers of material handling technology are demonstrating resilience by offering comprehensive products and services for efficient intralogistics. LogiMAT Exhibition Director Michael Ruchty highlights how current conditions and digital transformation pressure fuel the demand for automation solutions, prompting manufacturers to adapt their intralogistics to multichannel operations. LogiMAT 2024 serves as a showcase for the latest innovations addressing these demands.

Integration of Technological Advancements: The industry continues to integrate robotics and sensor systems to create innovative solutions while extending the range of established technologies. Manufacturers are presenting a spectrum of solutions at LogiMAT 2024, reflecting this diversity. Exhibitors will showcase advancements in hardware systems and software offerings, aiming to provide end-to-end solutions for

Highlighting Scalable Solutions: Exhibitors will showcase scalable shuttle technology for automated storage in high-bay warehouses, designed to improve storage density and operating speed while reducing manual workload and costs. Additionally, new pallet solutions and innovative shuttle technology for standard and semi-pallets will be on display, demonstrating adaptability to various intralogistics scenarios.

Embracing Technological Evolution: The exhibition will feature advancements in overhead conveyor technology, catering to e-commerce and omnichannel business models. Hall 5 will showcase new designs in this area, including sorter pouches using autonomous robots and scalable bag sorters for sequencing and buffering.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: LogiMAT 2024 offers industry professionals unparalleled networking opportunities to engage with leading companies and explore potential collaborations. With a diversified trade show and an extensive program, attendees can gain insights into the latest products and solutions, ensuring investments in future-proof intralogistics solutions.

LogiMAT 2024 is the largest exhibition of warehouse logistics in Germany

LogiMAT 2024 is gearing up to showcase the latest innovations in warehouse automation, with an impressive lineup of exhibitors poised to redefine the industry landscape. Among the forefront companies are:

Dematic: A global leader in automated intralogistics solutions, Dematic offers cutting-edge technologies for optimizing warehouse operations. From automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to warehouse management systems (WMS), Dematic is renowned for its comprehensive approach to material handling. At Stand H61, and Hall 10, Stand C38  explore your future transformation. Doug Gibeaut from Dematic points out that Dematic's #AutoStore™ solution sets the new standard in the industry for space efficiency and handling increased order volumes.

Remmert: Specializing in intelligent storage and handling solutions, Remmert offers innovative warehouse lift systems and automated storage solutions. Their expertise lies in maximizing storage space and optimizing material flow within warehouses.

Scaglia Indeva: Known for their advanced material handling systems, Scaglia Indeva provides state-of-the-art lifting solutions and automated handling equipment. Their solutions are designed to enhance efficiency and safety in warehouse environments. Discover the revolution in material handling with the Liftronic® Mobile from Scaglia INDEVA - the world's first fully mobile manipulator.

Lista: With a focus on high-quality storage and workspace solutions, Lista offers modular storage systems designed to optimize organization and accessibility. Their products cater to a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to logistics. Visit booth of LISTA and experience the future of material handling, including our intelligent AGVs and hight adjustable workspaces.

Movanis BV: A leader in autonomous mobile robot (AMR) technology, Movanis BV specializes in flexible material transport solutions. Their AMRs are designed to navigate dynamic warehouse environments efficiently, enhancing productivity and adaptability. Movanis AB will be highlighting our OUTDOOR possibilities as well as our heavy-lifting capabilities.

Vanderlande Industries: A global provider of automated material handling solutions, Vanderlande Industries offers integrated systems for baggage handling, parcel sorting, and warehouse automation. During an exclusive session for LogiMAT’s Exhibitor Insights on Tuesday 19 March, Vanderlande will be joined by Digitec Galaxus. Switzerland’s top e-commerce retailer will explain its logistics challenges with a focus on the need for speed! Together, both companies will explore the exciting landscape of e-commerce logistics. The session will feature Stan Lamers, Segment Manager at Vanderlande, and Martin Ballus, Leader Projects Operations at Digitec Galaxus.

Robopac: Once again this year Aetna group will be exhibiting at LOGIMAT (HALL 6 - BOOTH 6F37).  Specializing in end-of-line packaging solutions, Robopac offers a wide range of automated packaging systems. From stretch wrapping to palletizing, their solutions are designed to optimize efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Palomat: Palomat specializes in pallet handling solutions, offering automated pallet dispensers and palletizers for streamlining warehouse operations. Their solutions are designed to improve safety and efficiency in pallet handling processes. At hall 7, stand B36 at the LogiMAT trade fair centre in Stuttgart Palomat will have a "hands-on" demonstration of PALOMAT® pallet magasine – try the machine yourself and experience how user-friendly it is.

Staubli: With expertise in robotics and automation, Staubli provides innovative solutions for various industries, including automotive, electronics, and logistics. Their robotic systems offer precision and reliability for complex tasks in warehouse environments. Staubli will proudly present the new FL1500 counterbalanced forklift as stated by Jan Louwen – Global head of AGV.

Mad Automation: Mad Automation specializes in automated guided vehicle (AGV) solutions for material transport and logistics operations. Their AGVs are designed to optimize material flow and streamline warehouse processes. Mad Automation will be at LogiMAT Trade Show with two  LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles) on display at expo booth Hall 3/3F65 where you can meet also our sales team members Francesco Maurizi, Matteo Bartolini, Erica Pierini and others.

 W. Gessmann offers a range of automation solutions, including control panels and operator interfaces for industrial applications. Their products are designed to enhance productivity and ease of use in warehouse environments.

Linde Material Handling: As a leading provider of material handling equipment, Linde offers a comprehensive range of forklifts, pallet trucks, and warehouse solutions. The Linde brand represents top performance in goods handling. Our products and solutions ensure maximum productivity even under the most demanding operating conditions, such as those found in the beverage, paper, wood, food and chemical industries,” says Torsten Rochelmeyer, Senior Director Strategy & Solution Portfolio at Linde MH.

Trade fair LogiMAT 2024 | Intralogistics & Process Management - GRUMA

Kollmorgen Automation: Kollmorgen specializes in motion control and automation solutions for various industries, including logistics and material handling. Their products offer precision and performance for critical warehouse operations.

Trapo: Trapo offers innovative automation solutions for material handling and packaging applications. From robotic palletizers to conveyor systems, their solutions are designed to optimize efficiency and reduce costs in warehouse operations. At LogiMAT, Trapo will present a cycle with a portal for stacking and destacking crates!

Asseco Ceit: Asseco Ceit offers comprehensive IT solutions for warehouse automation and logistics management. Their expertise lies in developing software solutions that optimize processes and enhance productivity in warehouse operations. At Stand 6F45 Hall 6 expert Pavol Krajíček will be there to present how #AGVs can help automate and optimize your processes. Discover the power of omnidirectional under-run AGV, the 1500UDE, in partnership with movizon GmbH.

As LogiMAT 2024 approaches, anticipation grows for the unveiling of groundbreaking warehouse automation technologies. Exhibitors from around the world will showcase their expertise, driving innovation and shaping the future of intralogistics operations. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the latest trends and developments at LogiMAT 2024, where industry leaders redefine the boundaries of warehouse automation excellence.

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